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No.3 Deacon House

1 Bedroom (2 Guest) Apartment

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No.3 Deacon House

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Cosy 1-bedroom apartment situated in the vibrant Uplands area of Swansea.

Welcome to No. 3 Deacon House, a cosy 1-bedroom apartment situated in the vibrant Uplands area of Swansea. Located on the first floor, this apartment offers a comfortable retreat for up to 2 guests, with a well-appointed bedroom featuring a double bed. The property provides free parking, a fully equipped kitchen for your culinary needs, a Smart TV with Netflix for entertainment, and complimentary WiFi for your convenience.

Convenience is paramount, as it's positioned less than a mile from Swansea Station, offering easy access to the city's transportation network. In addition, you'll find bus stops, convenience stores, and markets within walking distance, all within half a mile, making daily shopping and transportation effortlessly accessible.

For those who enjoy shopping and retail therapy, the apartment is just 1.5 miles away from shopping centres, providing a variety of shopping options. Whether you're in Swansea for business or leisure, No. 3 Deacon House fits perfectly for solo business guests, or leisure guests looking for a place to unwind with an array of nearby amenities and attractions within easy reach.

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Positive overall. New and good quality interior. Really good amount of nice kitchen utensils and cutlery. Private check in and check out. Perfect location.

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Swansea is great for leisurebusiness

Swansea, set against the picturesque backdrop of South Wales, beckons visitors with its unique blend of coastal beauty and urban charm. Solo travelers can explore the city's rich maritime history at the Swansea Museum. For couples, Mumbles Pier offers a romantic setting with panoramic sea views. Friends can indulge in the vibrant nightlife along Wind Street, while families delight in days out at Plantasia, a tropical paradise. Just a stone's throw away, the Gower Peninsula unveils pristine beaches, rugged cliffs, and scenic trails, epitomizing the region's natural allure. Swansea offers a diverse, enriching experience for all, framed by South Wales' breathtaking landscapes.

Swansea, the Waterfront City, stands as a pivotal business hub in South Wales. Its excellent road and rail connections, including the M4 corridor, ensure swift commutes to major UK cities. With its proximity to Cardiff Airport and a robust public transport system, international and local connectivity is seamless. Swansea's evolving digital district appeals to modern entrepreneurs, offering cutting-edge co-working spaces and business facilities. Amidst business commitments, the scenic marina and local gourmet scene offer rejuvenating breaks, making Swansea an ideal confluence of work and relaxation.

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Attractions & Amenities close to No.3 Deacon House

  • National Waterfront Museum

    National Waterfront Museum

    Showcases the industrial and maritime heritage of Wales through interactive exhibits and historic artifacts. Located by the marina, it offers a blend of traditional displays and cutting-edge technology to tell the story of Wales' industrial past.

  • An Amenity in Swansea

    An Amenity in Swansea

    Description could be added here.

  • Glynn Vivian Art Gallery

    Glynn Vivian Art Gallery

    Art space that houses a rich collection of paintings, sculptures, and decorative arts. Founded by Richard Glynn Vivian in 1911, the gallery showcases both historical works and contemporary pieces, reflecting Swansea's cultural evolution.

  • Swansea Museum

    Swansea Museum

    Swansea Museum is the oldest museum in the city, showcasing Swansea's rich history, maritime heritage, and diverse cultural past through a range of artifacts and exhibits.

  • Swansea Grand Theatre

    Swansea Grand Theatre

    An historic performing arts venue hosting a wide array of shows, from plays and musicals to comedy acts and dance performances, serving as a cultural cornerstone in the city since its opening in 1897.

  • Swansea Marina

    Swansea Marina

    In the heart of the city, Swansea Marina is a picturesque waterfront area featuring modern apartments, leisure facilities, and berths for boats and yachts, blending Swansea's maritime heritage with contemporary living and leisure.

  • Swansea Castle

    Swansea Castle

    Swansea Castle is a historic Norman fortress with remnants dating back to the 13th century, serving as a tangible reminder of the city's medieval past amidst its modern surroundings.

  • Mumbles Pier

    Mumbles Pier

    Mumbles Pier is a historic landmark located near Swansea, Wales, stretching into the waters of Swansea Bay. Established in the late 19th century, it offers panoramic sea views, leisure facilities, and is a gateway to the scenic Mumbles Head.

  • Swansea Beach

    Swansea Beach

    Swansea Beach is a sweeping stretch of sandy shoreline along Swansea Bay offering scenic views, waterfront promenades, and a popular spot for various recreational activities.

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